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100% Broker Retention: The 7 Secrets Every Brokerage Needs to Know

Learn exactly how to attract and retain the best talents in the mortgage industry.
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Marcus Nanson

Marcus Nanson
Author / Managing Director
NRG Resourcing

"I’ve watched people leave good businesses for years, but I’ve also helped build and retain incredible teams. The trouble I’ve noticed is that most businesses can’t tell you what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong."

Unleash Your Business's Full Potential

Lower Recruitment Costs

Unlock the advantage of reallocating resources and enhancing profitability. Allowing you to increase investment in employee development, leading to a skilled and motivated workforce.


Ensure uninterrupted operations, boosting productivity and revenue. It minimises disruptions, strengthens customer trust, and allows businesses to stay agile in a competitive market environment.

Staff Retention

This fosters a stable and experienced workforce, reducing training costs and maintaining institutional knowledge, leading to improved team cohesion and enhanced productivity.

Why Should i read this eBook?

Navigating the challenges of staff retention, recruitment inefficiencies, and aligning talent with your vision can be overwhelming. If you find yourself grappling with employee turnover, precious time investing in recruitment efforts, or unsure of where to begin, this is exactly why we wrote this book. Whether you’re constructing a team for the first time or striving to strike a balance between working in and on your business, this book is for you. Additionally, attracting top-tier candidates might seem like a distant goal. However, you’re on the brink of transformation, where solutions await to address these hurdles and elevate your workforce strategy. Do you find your company:

What’s in This Book?

This eBook is your roadmap to conquering modern professional challenges and this book is for you. unlocking your company’s full potential.

With chapters on building invigorating company culture, achieving relentless progression, savouring hard-earned rewards, refining working styles, balancing workloads, mastering effective management, and perfecting recruitment, this guide empowers you to redefine success, inspire growth, and lead with confidence.

This eBook covers EVERYTHING you need to know about:

Fancy Even More Value?

NRG Insights is a series interviewing industry leaders within the financial sector.. The series dives into key areas of business, discussing everything from social media, company progression, industry news and tips to success.

NRG is the Catalyst for your Business

NRG are specialists in Mortgage industry recruitment, our sole focus is to give you access to the resources you need to ensure your business thrives.

As a niche recruiter our expertise are refined to provide in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the market to help you capitalise on your growth plans.

We pride ourselves on our consultative approach to our recruitment partnerships, dedicating ourselves to thoroughly understanding you and your business.

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