Balancing Health and Success with Lorenzo Satchell

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed by the demands of your job?

Balancing a high-stress career with personal well-being is a challenge many face.

In this episode of NRG Insights, we talk with Lorenzo Satchell, Sales Director for the Bridging team at Hampshire Trust Bank.

With over 30 years in financial services, Lorenzo shares his professional experiences and personal challenges.

His story shows what can happen if life and work fall out of balance, and how anyone can balance career success and personal well-being.

Who is Lorenzo Satchell?

Lorenzo Satchell is the Sales Director for Hampshire Trust Bank’s short-term (bridging) lending business. With over 30 years in UK property finance, Lorenzo has worked with various specialist lenders, packagers, and as a broker. His leadership and deep knowledge of the bridging industry make him a key figure in short-term lending.

Lorenzo is dedicated to improving the speed, smoothness, and professionalism of the industry.

He lives in Surrey with his wife and daughter.

Recently, he faced a health scare that underscored the importance of self-care and openly discussing health and mental health.

5 Key Takeaways from Lorenzo Satchell

1. Balancing Health and Career: Lorenzo stresses the need for regular health check-ups and paying attention to one’s body, especially for those in high-stress jobs.

2. Adaptability in the Mortgage Industry: Facing market challenges like rising interest rates requires adaptability and resilience, as demonstrated by Lorenzo’s team at HTB.

3. Mental Health Matters: Lorenzo shares the emotional toll of dealing with health issues while managing a high-stress job, highlighting the importance of mental health and steady recovery processes.

4. Leadership with Empathy: Lorenzo’s experience as both a broker and lender has shaped his empathetic leadership style, understanding the challenges faced by brokers.

5. Prioritising Well-being: Lorenzo emphasises creating a work culture that prioritises mental health and sustainable work practices over relentless productivity.

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