Culture and Success in Lending with Roger Morris

In the fiercely competitive world of lending, standing out requires more than just conventional strategies.

So, how can lending leaders carve a niche for themselves and thrive?

In this week’s post, we dive into the insights of Roger Morris, Director of Mortgage Division Sales and Distribution at Tandem Bank, a man who knows all about innovation and success in the specialist lending market.

If you’re a leader or someone aspiring to become one in the lending industry, Roger’s story is one that you can not miss!

This is why…

Who is Roger Morris?

Roger Morris’s influence in specialist lending spans over thirty years.

Starting with his own venture before the 2008 financial downturn, Roger transitioned to helping build Precise Mortgages into a major market player. Now at Tandem, he focuses on launching and expanding the mortgage division, aiming to educate brokers and champion specialist lending.

His extensive knowledge and dedication to broker education highlight his commitment to fostering growth and recognising potential within the industry.

5 Things Lending Leaders Can Learn…

In a market like specialist lending, insights from seasoned professionals like Roger Morris are invaluable.

Here are five strategies lending leaders can adopt from his knowledge:

  1. Educate to Innovate: Understanding the nuances of specialist lending isn’t just beneficial, it’s crucial. Like Roger, leaders should focus on educating their teams and brokers about the market. This knowledge empowers them to identify and seize opportunities that others might overlook.
  2. Champion Your Sector: Roger’s commitment to specialist lending shows the power of having a cause. By championing a specific segment of the market, leaders can build a strong brand identity and become the go-to expert in their niche.
  3. Embrace the Power of Networking: Training brokers and engaging with the community have been key to Roger’s strategy. Leaders should invest time in building and nurturing these relationships, as they are vital for understanding market needs and driving growth.
  4. Continuous Product Innovation: The lending landscape is ever-evolving. Leaders need to continuously work on expanding and refining their product offerings, much like Roger’s approach at Tandem. Staying ahead of market trends and customer needs can set a lender apart from the competition.
  5. Knowledge is Power: Roger’s encyclopaedic understanding of specialist lending underscores the importance of in-depth market knowledge. Leaders should strive to become lifelong learners, constantly updating their understanding of the market to guide their strategy and decision-making.

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