How to Build a Successful Mortgage Brokerage Partnership with Helix Financial

How did two friends turn a shared vision into a thriving business?

Starting a business partnership in finance is tough, but Dave and Adam, founders of Helix Financial, made it work.

Helix Financial officially started in 2021, but Dave and Adam’s partnership began nearly two decades earlier at Liquid Financial. Their careers took different paths, but their friendship and ambition kept them focused on their goal.

Dave and Adam’s story is one of collaboration, teamwork and strategy. With different finance backgrounds, they combined their skills to create a standout business.

Here’s more about their backgrounds…

Who are the Men Behind Helix Financial?

Adam Stiles

Adam’s finance career began after a variety of jobs, including gardening, tree surgery, and working at a chamber of commerce. His boss suggested he switch to financial services, leading him to a firm in the City where he met Dave in 2007. After stints at a property fund and a mortgage firm, Adam co-founded Helix Financial with Dave.

A career highlight was being quoted on page 2 of the Financial Times after the Truss/Kwarteng budget.

Dave Turner

Dave started in finance at a high-pressure West End brokerage. After the firm collapsed due to regulatory changes, Dave joined another London brokerage where he met Adam. Later, he moved to City Mortgage Solutions, benefiting from top mentors. In 2021, he co-founded Helix Financial with Adam.

5 Strategies To Learn from Dave and Adam for Future Partners

  1. Leverage Complementary Skills: Combining expertise in different areas of finance can create a stronger business. Dave and Adam’s skills in regulated and unregulated markets made Helix Financial versatile.
  2. Timing is Crucial: Knowing when to start a business is key. For Dave and Adam, 2021 was the right time due to their experience and contacts.
  3. Embrace Strategic Planning: Planning, including lead generation and IT infrastructure, is essential. Their strategic approach kept them on track.
  4. Value of Coaching: External guidance through business coaching provides structure and accountability. Dave and Adam found coaching invaluable when setting up their partnership.
  5. Collaborate: A fun and supportive work environment enhances team performance. Helix Financial’s focus on flexibility and teamwork is central to their success.

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