Strategic Moves in Big Lending with Adrian Maloney

Steering a large lending operation like OSB Group requires skill, insight, strategy and crucially, experience.

This post features a deep dive into the world of big lending with Adrian Moloney, Group Intermediary Director at OSB Group.

For those involved in the financial services sector, Adrian’s perspectives share the unique challenges and approaches to success in large lending institutions.

Whether you’re a broker or a lender, aiming to break into a larger institution, this is a must-see post. In it, we’ll share some more about Adrian, and why you should listen to him, 5 key take-aways for lenders, alongside the full vide and audio conversation between Adrian and Marcus Nanson, Director at NRG Resourcing.

Ready? Let’s go…

Who is Adrian Moloney?

Adrian Moloney, the Group Intermediary Director at OSB Group. He ascending within the group, originally taking charge of all sales teams across the group’s lending brands.

Adrian honed his skills and vision at Nationwide and has a rich history in the industry, including impactful periods at Mortgage Trust and Portman Building Society.

His voice has become influential in the sector, not just for his keynote speeches but for his insightful commentary on the future directions of mortgage lending, earning him accolades like the Mortgage Personality of the Year and multiple wins at the British Specialist Lending Awards.

5 Strategic Insights for Lenders

  1. Embrace Strategic Flexibility: Large organisations must balance the scale of operations with the nimbleness required to adapt to market changes. Cultivating a culture of flexibility ensures that the organisation remains resilient in the face of industry shifts.
  2. Foster Team Synergy: Success in large-scale lending is not just about individual brilliance but about how effectively diverse teams work together. By aligning varied teams under a cohesive strategy, leaders can harness collective strengths to drive the organisation forward.
  3. Champion Industry Engagement: Active participation in industry conversations and initiatives is crucial. It positions leaders not only as thought leaders but also as pivotal figures shaping the future of lending, enhancing their organisation’s influence in the market.
  4. Innovate with Purpose: While smaller firms may adapt quickly, larger institutions have the advantage of resources to drive innovation. Use this scale to invest in technological advancements and service improvements that address market needs and set your organisation apart.
  5. Invest in Leadership Development: The complexity of steering a large lending operation underscores the need for continuous leadership development. Investing in your growth and that of your leadership team ensures the organisation is guided by a visionary yet pragmatic leadership style, ready to meet future challenges.


This episode with Adrian Maloney sheds light on the complexities of leading a significant lending operation, offering actionable takeaways for professionals across the financial services industry.

Whether you’re part of a large organisation or looking to grow your operation, Adrian’s Maloney’s expertise and insights offer valuable lessons in strategic leadership, team cohesion, and market innovation.

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