The Future of Buy To Let Mortgages with Harsha Dahyea

How can lenders keep up with creative buy-to-let landlords?

Buy-to-let landlords are getting more creative than ever.

But the question remains – can lenders keep up?

This week, NRG Insights dives into the mortgage industry with Harsha Dahyea from Quantum Mortgages.

Harsha shares her experience and insights, offering lessons for brokers, lenders, and anyone involved in the property market. She discuss the current state of the mortgage industry, focusing specifically on the buy-to-let corner of the market.

Who is Harsha Dahyea?

Harsha Dahyea is the Head of Sales and Distribution at Quantum Mortgages.

With extensive experience in the specialist mortgage market, Harsha has been instrumental in launching mortgage propositions at Bluestone Mortgages, Metro Bank, and State Bank of India.

During the start-up phase at Bluestone, she became a highly successful Key Account Manager, winning a major network’s BDM of the Year award in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

5 Lessons Specialist Lenders Can Learn from Harsha Dahyea

  1. Innovative Strategies for Buy-to-Let Landlords
    The buy-to-let market is evolving, with landlords becoming increasingly creative in managing their portfolios. Lenders need to adapt by offering flexible and innovative products that meet these new demands.
  2. Embracing Technology
    Technology is transforming the mortgage process. From open banking to AI-driven KYC checks, embracing tech can streamline operations and enhance the customer journey. Harsha emphasises that while technology is crucial, maintaining a human touch is equally important.
  3. Understanding Market Trends
    Staying ahead of market trends is vital for success. Harsha highlights the importance of understanding shifting demographics and the changing needs of landlords. Keeping ontop of these trends allows lenders to offer relevant solutions.
  4. Building Strong Broker Relationships
    Strong relationships with brokers are essential. Harsha’s success as a Key Account Manager demonstrates the value of collaboration and trust. Lenders should focus on building and maintaining strong partnerships with brokers to ensure mutual success.
  5. Leadership and Learning
    Continuous learning and strong leadership are key to navigating the complexities of the mortgage market. Harsha advises lenders to invest in training and development for their teams, ensuring they stay informed and capable of meeting market challenges.

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