The Numbers Behind New Build Mortgages with Gemma Perry

Are New Build Mortgages Your Next Great Opportunity?

In the latest episode of NRG Insights, we were joined by Gemma Perry, Operations Director at Acumen Mortgages.

We dive into the challenges she faced in the new build sector, Acumen’s effective employee retention strategies, the evolving mortgage market, and the growing importance of digital marketing and social media.

From her unique career path to the current trends in the new build mortgage market, Gemma offers plenty of practical advice and strategies for brokers and professionals in finance.

Who is Gemma Perry?

Gemma Perry is the Operations Director at Acumen Mortgages.

Gemma Perry has been working in finance since 2007 and specialising in new build mortgages for nearly ten years. With her expertise, Acumen Mortgages has grown from a North West-based business to a national company. Gemma focuses on developing relationships with builders and lenders, improving customer experience, and sharing knowledge. She also manages the compliance side of the business, ensuring protection for both advisers and clients.

Living in Cheshire with her husband and dog, Gemma enjoys hiking, good food, wine, and spending time with family and friends.

5 Things to Learn from Gemma Perry

  1. Your Journey Is Your Own: Gemma’s career path is unconventional. She skipped university, traveled, and entered the job market post the 2008 financial crash. Her experiences shaped her unique approach to the mortgage industry.
  2. Challenges in the New Build Sector: Gemma shares insights into the new build market, highlighting the importance of maintaining robust relationships with builders and lenders. She discusses the specific challenges and dynamics of this sector.
  3. Employee Retention Strategies: Acumen’s strategy focuses on loyalty and efficiency. Even during tough economic times, they resist redundancies, showcasing a model for strong employee retention.
  4. Evolving Mortgage Market: The mortgage market is shifting towards financial education and inclusivity in hiring. Gemma emphasises the benefits of bringing fresh, younger perspectives into the industry.
  5. Digital Marketing and Social Media: Gemma highlights the increasing importance of a strong digital presence. Adapting to the changing expectations of new generations entering the workforce is crucial for staying relevant in the market.

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