7 Ways To Future-Proof Your Brokerage

How future-proof is your brokerage?

With approximately 20% of new businesses failing within their first two years, 45% within five years, and a staggering 65% closing their doors within the first ten years (according to data from the BLS). 

Only 25% of the businesses that you see around you today will make it to 15 years or more.

Financial services businesses, like your brokerage, are particularly vulnerable to factors beyond your control—economic fluctuations, interest rate changes, and shifting market dynamics can all impact the demand for mortgages and property purchases. 

Given these external uncertainties, future-proofing your brokerage is essential for survival.

In this blog, I’ll share seven ways to future-proof your brokerage. Let’s get started…

1. AI and Technology

Technology is transforming every industry, and brokerages are included. 

AI can automate tasks and improve efficiency, allowing brokers to analyse customer data, make accurate predictions about potential risks, and expedite the overall loan approval process.

However, AI cannot fully replace the personal touch that human brokers provide. While AI can handle specific tasks efficiently, it cannot replicate the empathy that comes from human interaction. 

The future of mortgage brokering will likely involve a partnership between AI and humans, where technology handles the efficiency while humans focus on personalisation and relationship building.

Incorporating AI in your brokerage can help you stay ahead of the competition, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Diversification

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Instead of solely focusing on generating new leads, which can be expensive and time-consuming, consider broadening your product range. 

This strategy allows you to meet more of your clients’ needs, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty while expanding your customer base.

By offering a variety of financial solutions, such as residential and commercial mortgages, equipment finance, insurance, and wealth planning, you create a one-stop shop for your clients. 

This not only keeps them within your network but also encourages repeat business and referrals, contributing to your brokerage’s long-term success.

3. Customer Experience

A great customer experience can set you apart from the competition. 

One of the most crucial aspects of providing effective customer service is responsive communication. Customers value prompt replies to emails, phone calls, and texts. By responding quickly, you show that you value their time and are committed to providing excellent service.

Encourage your brokers to add personal touches in their interactions with clients too. Being human and relatable can make a significant difference. Remembering and acknowledging important details about a client’s situation can help build trust and loyalty.

Utilise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to personalise interactions and keep track of client preferences and history. 

Personal touches like these can significantly boost client satisfaction and loyalty, helping your brokerage stand out in a competitive market.

4. A Strong Team 

Building a team that aligns with your company’s values and vision is crucial to driving your brokerage forward.

To achieve this, it’s important to consider more than skills and experience on a CV but also cultural fit during the hiring process.

Behavioural testing can be a valuable tool in understanding how potential hires might align with your company culture. This can help you make informed decisions and build a cohesive team.

When recruiting, try to reach the entire available market too—not just those who are unemployed or actively seeking jobs. Sometimes the best fit won’t see your job ad. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a recruitment company like NRG Resourcing, who specialises in hiring mortgage brokers. We can help you find the perfect candidates who may not be actively looking but would be the ideal addition to your team.

 5. Training

Your team is your most valuable asset. 

Regular training ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest financial tools and customer service best practices. 

Continuous learning is key to growth. A well-trained team can adapt quickly to industry changes and provide better service to your clients.

Investing in your team’s development not only enhances their skills but also contributes to the long-term success of your brokerage. 

By creating a culture of learning, you ensure that your team remains bought in to your company, knowledgeable, motivated, and ready to tackle the challenges of an ever-evolving industry.

6. An Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is essential. 

Optimise your website for search engines to increase visibility and ensure it’s mobile-friendly. Engage with clients through social media to build a community and establish your brand as a trusted resource.

Regularly posting informative content on social media and engaging with followers can increase your reach and will attract clients to your company in the long term. 

Remember, your content and your brokerage’s brand are one and the same today, so align your brand messaging with everything you post and take care to keep the quality high, so that it is informative and engaging for your brokerage’s followers. 

7. A Clear Direction

A clear aim and direction help align your team and attract clients who share your vision. 

Define long-term goals and strategic objectives, and ensure they are communicated clearly to all employees.

For instance, if your goal is to become the leading commercial mortgage broker in your area, outline the steps needed to achieve this and keep your team focused on this objective. 

Regularly review and adjust your goals to stay on track.


Future-proofing your brokerage is not a luxury—it’s a necessity. 

With the high rate of new business failures and the unique vulnerabilities faced by financial services, taking proactive steps to secure your brokerage’s future is crucial. 

By incorporating advanced technology, diversifying your services, enhancing customer experience, building a strong and culturally aligned team, investing in continuous training, maintaining a robust online presence, and setting a clear direction for your business, you can navigate uncertainties and set your brokerage on a path to long-term success.

Stay ahead of the curve, and your brokerage will continue to grow and succeed.

If you’re committed to hiring high-quality, behaviourally suited talent, let’s connect and discuss how we can redefine your recruitment process, ensuring each new hire is not just an addition but a lasting asset to your mortgage business.

If you’re seeking a new role, or are searching for new talent, please click on the appropriate link to book a call with me today.

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