Authenticity and Authority in Mortgage Broker Marketing with Ash Borland

Are you a mortgage broker looking to revolutionise your marketing and stand out in a crowded digital world?

Earlier this week, Marcus Nanson spoke with Ash Borland, an expert in Mortgage Broker Marketing, in the second instalment of our Marketing for Mortgage Brokers Mini-Series. Together they discussed exactly what it takes for brokers to market themselves more effectively with content!

Read on to discover the secrets of creating authentic connections, establishing your expertise, and leveraging social media for sustainable growth.

Who is Ash Borland?

Meet Ash Borland, mortgage broker marketing coach. Transitioning from a successful career as a mortgage broker, Ash now wears the hat of a Content Marketing Coach, guiding professionals towards achieving visibility and success in the digital-first era.

Known for his genuine, buzzword-free approach, Ash empowers brokers with his Mortgage Marketing Blueprint, helping them carve out a unique identity in the industry.

What You’ll Learn

Demonstrating Value Over Price: Learn how to showcase the intrinsic value of your services, especially crucial in a market where some clients may not understand the need for fees.
Establishing Your Brand’s Superiority: Ash shares strategies on how to differentiate your services and articulate why your approach is superior, setting you apart from the competition.
Building and Maintaining Authentic Client Relationships: Dive into the art of cultivating lasting relationships with clients, a key aspect of sustainable business growth in the mortgage industry.
Navigating the Digital Landscape Post-Pandemic: Understand how to adapt your marketing strategies to the evolving demands of a post-pandemic world, with a focus on digital and social media platforms.
Embracing Authenticity in Content Creation: Discover the importance of genuine content that resonates with your audience, discussing how to use AI tools effectively while keeping your unique voice.

Watch the Full Discussion:

For a comprehensive understanding of these strategies and more, watch Marcus Nanson’s full conversation with Ash Borland. His experience and advice offer a blueprint for success in today’s competitive mortgage brokerage landscape.

Prefer To Listen?

Tune into this episode on the NRG Insights Spotify Podcast Channel for an educational and entertaining learning experience, packed with actionable advice for success in the mortgage industry.


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