Building a Global Lending Empire with Hugh Wade-Jones

How does a company transition from a national success to a global powerhouse in the competitive world of lending?

What does it take to lead a business into uncharted financial waters and succeed?

In our latest episode of the NRG Insights podcast’s Lender Series, Marcus Nanson sits down with Hugh Wade-Jones, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of Tenn Capital, to uncover the answers.

As someone who has meticulously charted the course from the ground up to global acclaim, Hugh’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. Whether you’re a mortgage broker keen on broadening your horizons or a financial professional eyeing the global stage, this episode packs a wealth of knowledge, strategy, and real-world insights.

Who Is Hugh Wade Jones?

Hugh Wade Jones, the newly appointed Chief Financial Officer of Tenn Capital, has been a dynamic force in the financial services industry for over two decades.

His career, originating in the bustling environment of Alexander Hall and Foxton’s mortgage brokers, laid the foundation for a path into specialised lending.

In 2007, Hugh ventured to establish Ennis, targeting high net worth individuals and diversifying into comprehensive financial services, including innovative lending on stocks and shares. Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hugh and his partner Isla formalised their vision, leading to the birth of Tenn Capital.

Under Hugh’s stewardship, Tenn Capital has flourished, lending internationally and securing a coveted spot in the super-prime real estate market.

Six Key Take-Aways for Brokers and Financial Agents

  1. Embracing the Shift: Understand the strategic shifts required to transition from local brokerage to international lending, and how such shifts can redefine your business’s ceiling.
  2. The Art of Communication: Discover why prioritising direct, personal communication over emails can significantly enhance your business relationships and operational success.
  3. Strategic Team Dynamics: Uncover the secrets to building a team that mirrors your ambition and drive, fostering an environment where growth and cohesion coexist.
  4. Valuing Feedback and Mentorship: Explore the indispensable role of feedback and mentorship in crafting a successful career path and steering through market complexities.
  5. Agility in Market Navigation: The tactics that ensure business agility and resilience, essential for thriving in the unpredictable waves of the financial market.
  6. The Long Game: Learn from Hugh’s unwavering focus on long-term goals over immediate gains, a philosophy that has been pivotal in the sustained growth and success of Ten Capital.


Hugh Wade Jones’s story is a powerful reminder of what’s possible with vision and determination. From his early days to spearheading Tenn Capital’s rise, his journey is a roadmap for anyone looking to make their mark on the world stage.

Hugh’s journey provides actionable insights and strategies that can propel your business into the international arena. Whether you’re a seasoned broker or a financial agent eyeing the global market, this episode is your compass for navigating success in the complex world of lending.

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