Building Trust in Lending with Jaxon Stevens

How can you build a lasting career in lending?

In this blog we focus on an episode of NRG Insights where Marcus Nanson CeMAP sat down with Jaxon Stevens from Tuscan Capital to explore his growth, development and top tips in the lending industry.

In this post, we’ll focus on the very best parts of the conversation, including the full video and audio versions. Jaxon shares a wealth of experience, from his early days in high street banking to leading the sales team at Tuscan Capital. His journey is not just about personal growth but a blueprint for those aiming to carve their path in the lending industry.

Who is Jaxon Stevens?

Jaxon’s career spans over 25 years, cutting across high-profile roles in financial services. From GE Money to NatWest and spearheading sales teams at Omni Property Finance and Sancus Lending. Currently, as the Sales Director at Tuscan Capital, Jaxon continues to push the envelope, fostering business relationships and championing continuous education in the property finance sector.

His expertise in bridging, development, and refurbishment loans makes him a key player in residential and commercial lending spaces.

5 Lessons For Lenders and Brokers…

  1. Networking is Everything: In a field where who you know can be as crucial as what you know, Jaxon underscores the importance of building a robust professional network. These relationships can open doors, provide insights, and support career growth in ways that traditional pathways may not.
  2. Trust as the Foundation: The cornerstone of any lasting business relationship is trust. In lending, where clients and partners rely on your advice and services, establishing trust can mean the difference between a one-time transaction and a lifelong partnership.
  3. Adaptability Leads to Innovation: The lending landscape is ever-changing. Staying adaptable allows professionals to not only navigate these changes but to innovate within them. Jaxon’s transition from traditional banking to specialist financial markets exemplifies how adaptability can lead to new opportunities.
  4. The Value of Specialization: Diving deep into specific financial solutions, like bridging and development loans, Jaxon has carved a niche for himself. This specialisation has not only made him an expert in his field but also a go-to consultant for complex lending scenarios.
  5. Continuous Learning as a Career Strategy: Jaxon’s passion for education is a reminder that learning doesn’t stop once you land a job. Continuous learning and awareness of new market opportunities keep professionals ahead of the curve and ready to seize new opportunities.

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