Conquering PR as a Mortgage Broker with Dominic Hiatt

Are you a mortgage broker looking to learn, navigate and conquer the ever-evolving landscape of public relations?

Our recent interview with Dominic Hiatt, founder of NewsPage, offered invaluable insights that could transform your approach, as a mortgage broker, to marketing and PR.

Read on to learn how to harness the power of modern media and create a dynamic presence in the mortgage industry.

Who is Dominic Hiatt?

Dominic Hiatt is a trailblazer in the world of PR and media.

An award-winning journalist and founder of the Rhizome Media Group, Dominic has an impressive track record of working with clients globally. With the creation of NewsPage, he’s on a mission to decentralise the PR world and democratise the media, making it accessible for everyone to #BeTheStory – for free.

His innovative approach is reshaping how mortgage brokers and other professionals engage with the media, offering new platforms and opportunities for visibility.

7 PR Lessons for Mortgage Brokers:

  1. Adapt to Modern Media Trends: Embrace interactive media formats and explore various platforms to engage with your audience effectively. This approach ensures you stay relevant and capture attention in a media-saturated market.
  2. Value Authentic Insights Over AI: Prioritise personal, human insights in your content creation to forge stronger connections with your clients. Genuine content resonates more deeply, establishing trust and a stronger client-broker relationship.
  3. Utilise Cutting-Edge Media Tools: Leverage tools like NewsPage’s app to interact dynamically with news alerts and enhance your media engagement. These innovative tools can streamline your PR efforts and make your responses more impactful.
  4. Make a Mark in Media as a Broker: Develop a straightforward and honest media approach to reshape narratives and enhance your brand’s impact. This candid approach can set you apart from competitors and reinforce your reputation as a trustworthy expert.
  5. Implement Effective Media Strategies for Business Growth: Use media exposure strategically to build credibility, generate leads, and drive business development. Consistent and well-planned media appearances can significantly boost your visibility in the industry.
  6. Navigate AI’s Role in Journalism Smartly: Balance the use of AI in journalism with the irreplaceable value of human intelligence and opinion in content creation. While AI can assist in content generation, the human touch is essential for authenticity and relatability.
  7. Embrace Media Opportunities for Enhanced Credibility: Actively engage with media and PR to elevate your profile and establish authority in your brokerage business. Showcasing your expertise through these channels can transform your public image and open doors to new opportunities.

Watch the Full Episode:

For a comprehensive understanding of these strategies and more, watch the Marcus Nanson’s full conversation with Dominic Hiatt in video format below, packed with actionable insights for mortgage brokers.

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