Finding Opportunities in Any Economic Climate with Gareth Lewis

In the world of specialist lending, how do you stay ahead of the curve?

What strategies can lead a specialist lender to success in an industry known for its rapid changes and challenges?

For those curious about the answers, our latest post is a must-read. We dive deep into the knowledge of industry expert Gareth Lewis, Managing Director at MT Finance, an award-winning specialist lender.

These tips and strategies are a peek into Gareth’s 24-year-long journey in financial services, that include a treasure trove of actionable insights and lessons for anyone in the realm of specialist lending.

Who is Gareth Lewis?

With a career spanning over two decades, primarily focused on specialised lending, Gareth’s journey from building society to brokerage and finally to the bridging finance sector, is a demonstration of resilience, continuous learning, and the drive to be the best version of himself.

As Managing Director at MT Finance, he has helped to carved a niche for the company as an award-winning specialist lender, celebrated for its innovation, speed, and flexibility in property finance.

7 Things Specialist Lenders Can Learn from Gareth Lewis:

  1. The Importance of Continuous Learning: Stay updated with industry trends and never stop learning. Gareth’s journey underscores the necessity of evolving knowledge to stay competitive.
  2. Value of Understanding Transactions: Gareth transitioned from underwriting to sales, highlighting the importance of grasping all transaction aspects. This comprehensive understanding can enhance decision-making and client relations.
  3. Building Authentic Connections: Drawing from his rugby background, Gareth teaches us that genuine relationships are foundational to business success, especially in an industry built on trust and reliability.
  4. Navigating Hybrid Work Models: Learn how to strike the perfect balance in hybrid work environments. Gareth shares insights on maintaining productivity and fostering team dynamics, regardless of physical distances.
  5. Creating Effective Teams: Discover the role of work ethic and a growth-oriented mindset in building super teams that can navigate through market challenges and leverage opportunities.
  6. Strategising Product Expansion: Gareth’s experience with launching a buy-to-let lending arm showcases the importance of a logical progression and synergy in expanding product offerings. Specialist lenders can learn how to assess their strengths and market needs for successful diversification.
  7. Maintaining a Positive Business Outlook: In an industry as fluctuating as financial services, Gareth emphasises the significance of staying focused, understanding your unique positioning, and adopting a continuous improvement mindset. This positive outlook is crucial for overcoming obstacles and achieving long-term success.

Gareth Lewis’s insights provide a roadmap for specialist lenders aiming to navigate the complexities of the financial services market successfully. From foundational principles of continuous learning and authentic connections to strategic considerations in product expansion and maintaining a positive outlook, there’s much to learn from Gareth’s career.

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