From a Team of Two to £1bn in Lending with Guy Harrington

Ever wondered what sets successful mortgage lenders apart?

Kickstart your journey with our Lender Series, focusing on the lender’s perspective in the mortgage broker market.

Our first feature is a deep dive with Guy Harrington of Glenhawk Group, revealing key strategies for thriving in this competitive space.

The world of mortgage lending requires strategic foresight, adaptability, and, most importantly, understanding the needs of both borrowers and the market. In this series, we aim to share these secrets through the experiences of those who have and are achieving success in this market.

Who is Guy Harrington?

In 2017, Guy Harrington formed Glenhawk with a vision to revolutionise property finance.

His aim was clear: to lead Glenhawk to become the best non-bank lender, emphasising speed, service, and flexibility. Achieving over £1bn in lending since March 2020, Glenhawk stands as a testament to his visionary leadership.

Away from the office, Guy enjoys culinary pursuits, embracing nature through long walks, and actively supports mental health and wellbeing initiatives in the workplace. His balanced approach to life and work offers a unique perspective in the high-stakes world of financial lending.

5 Key Lessons for Mortgage Lenders

  1. Establishing a Niche in the Market: Learn how focusing on specific market needs, like speed and flexibility, can set your lending business apart.
  2. Resilience Through Market Fluctuations: Gain insights into how to navigate and grow during unpredictable market conditions, including strategies that helped Glenhawk thrive during the pandemic.
  3. Building a Strong Team Culture: Discover the importance of cultivating a positive workplace culture and how it contributes to business success.
  4. Expanding Your Business Horizons: Explore ways to identify and tap into new growth areas, mirroring Glenhawk’s move into buy-to-let and regulated products.
  5. Leadership Beyond Business: Understand how personal interests and advocacy, such as mental health awareness, can enrich your leadership style and positively impact your team.

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