Guiding Future Success in Lending with Roz Cawood

How do successful leaders drive change and create inclusive environments in lending?

In this post, we explore the journey of Roz Cawood, Managing Director of Property Finance at Streambank, and how her experiences can guide and inspire lending professionals today.

From her early days at Natwest to her current leadership role, Roz has continuously broken barriers and paved the way for more inclusive practices in finance.

Who is Roz Cawood?

Roz Cawood’s career in specialist finance has been as dynamic as it has been influential. Starting at Natwest and quickly advancing to a management trainee at a building society, Roz’s leadership skills became evident early on.

By 25, she was leading a major team as Head of Operations, and her trajectory soared from there. Her roles have spanned across business development, strategic partnerships, and now, leading Property Finance at Streambank. Here, she not only drives business growth but also champions equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Roz is also an avid marathon runner who channels her energy into charity, raising funds for cancer research.

5 Key Insights for Lenders from Roz Cawood

  1. Adaptability in Leadership: Roz’s career shows the importance of adapting to new roles and challenges, teaching lenders the value of flexibility in a rapidly changing market.
  2. Fostering Inclusion: Learn how creating an inclusive environment can enhance team performance and drive innovation in financial services.
  3. Building Resilient Teams: Insights into how strong leadership can help teams navigate crises and emerge stronger, ready to tackle the financial market’s volatility.
  4. The Role of Mentorship: Roz emphasises the significance of mentorship in career growth, underscoring how experienced guidance can shape the future of upcoming finance professionals.
  5. Commitment to Personal Development: Her dedication to continuous learning and personal challenges, exemplifies the importance of personal growth alongside professional development.

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