Inclusivity and Empowerment with Jo Pocklington and Dominique Highfield

How can strong leadership create more inclusivity in lending?

Building a successful career in lending requires more than just financial acumen – it demands resilience, strategic innovation, and a commitment to inclusivity.

This blog offers an exclusive look into the careers of Jo Pocklington and Dominique Highfield, who have both made significant strides in leadership within the financial services sector. Their journeys reveal not only the challenges they’ve overcome but also the strategies that have defined their success.

Who is Jo Pocklington?

Jo Pocklington is the Managing Director at Purplebricks Mortgages, transitioning from an early start in retail management to a pivotal role in the mortgage industry.

At Purplebricks Mortgages, Jo applies her extensive experience to enhance business operations and cultivate a high-performance culture, all while prioritising the customer experience.

Outside of her professional life, Jo is deeply involved in community netball, bringing the same leadership and passion to the sports field.

Who is Dominique Highfield?

Dominique Highfield serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Purplebricks, where her background as a Chartered Accountant has been invaluable in steering the company through significant transitions, including mergers and rebranding efforts.

At Purplebricks, she focuses on improving service delivery through technological integration and operational efficiency.

5 Things Lenders Can Learn from This Episode

  1. Embrace Change: Adaptability in leadership, as demonstrated by both Jo and Dominique, is crucial in navigating the financial services industry’s dynamic nature.
  2. Foster Inclusivity: Creating environments that celebrate diversity and inclusivity can significantly enhance team performance and innovation.
  3. Prioritize Mentorship: Investing in mentorship and development programs is key to nurturing future leaders and ensuring sustained business growth.
  4. Leverage Experience: Utilise past experiences and challenges as learning opportunities to refine strategies and operations.
  5. Balance Professional and Personal Growth: Successful leaders maintain a balance between their professional ambitions and personal life, which contributes to their overall effectiveness and satisfaction.

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