Mastering Social Media In The Content Revolution with Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley

Welcome to the first instalment of our “Marketing For Mortgage Brokers Mini-Series” where we dive into the crucial world of digital marketing specifically tailored for mortgage brokers.

In this opening episode, “Mastering Social Media In The Content Revolution with Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley,” we unpack the dynamics of social media and its pivotal role in the mortgage brokerage industry.

Expert Insights from Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley

Rosalia Lazzara-Tilley, CEO of Manuka Media and author of “Social Media Guide For Mortgage Brokers,” joins Marcus Nanson, Director of NRG Resourcing, to share her wealth of knowledge.

Specialising in catapulting mortgage brokers and IFAs into the digital forefront, Rosalia’s boutique agency focuses on generating organic leads and elevating online presence.

Her mantra?

Define your Identity, Convey your Influence, and Scale your Income.

What You Won’t Want to Miss..

  • The Evolution of Relationship Marketing: Explore the shift from transactional to relationship-focused approaches in the mortgage industry, as Rosalia emphasises and explains how to build long-term client connections.
  • Overcoming Content Creation Challenges: Rosalia offers practical solutions for the common hurdles encountered in content creation, stressing the importance of consistent and proactive efforts.
  • Adapting to the Digital Age Post-Pandemic: Gain insights on how the pandemic has reshaped the need for trust and credibility in online interactions and lead generation.

Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:

As part of our “Marketing For Mortgage Brokers Mini-Series,” this episode is tailored to help professionals in the mortgage sector navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

It’s filled with actionable advice and strategies to enhance your social media presence, ensuring sustainable business growth.

Ready to step up your digital marketing game? Watch the full episode below…

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