Navigating the Moving Market with Michael Craig

Are you looking to stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of mortgage brokerage?

In our latest blog we unravel the complexities of the financial market with none other than Michael Craig, Sales Director at Brilliant Solutions.

This conversation is a masterclass in navigating market shifts and enhancing your financial expertise.

But first…

Who is Michael Craig?

Meet Michael Craig, a seasoned expert in the mortgage industry, whose passion for this field is as deep-rooted as his commitment to supporting brokers.

Starting his journey in the industry straight out of school at 16, Michael took a brief hiatus during the credit crunch but made a triumphant return to Brilliant Solutions in 2014.

Michael ascended from an underwriter role to Sales Director, skilfully balancing the technicalities of finance with the nuances of sales. His approach, centered around a deep understanding of market dynamics and client relationships, makes him a respected voice in the industry.

5 Things to Learn About the Moving Market:

  1. Career Pathways in Finance: Michael’s journey offers insights into the diverse career opportunities in financial services and the importance of understanding both the technical and sales aspects.
  2. Financial Education for the Younger Generation: Learn about the critical need for financial literacy among youth and industry professionals, and explore how mentoring can play a pivotal role.
  3. Deciphering Market Conditions: Understand the current stable market conditions, lending costs, and how borrowing costs influence the market, as explained by Michael.
  4. Market Predictions and Trends: Get a grasp on Michael’s predictions for market activity, including insights on interest rates and their impact on the industry.
  5. Mastering Relationship Management: Discover the significance of personal interaction and proactive customer engagement in building strong connections and ensuring client satisfaction.

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