Optimism in the Market with Brad Rhodes

How can mortgage brokers navigate the current market with confidence?

In this week’s blog post, Marcus is joined by Brad Rhodes from Pepper Money to discuss this, and much more.

The lending industry demands adaptability, foresight and human touch, and Brad shares valuable insights on staying ahead in 2024 that adopt these strategies, blending his rich background from the Royal Air Force to his role in the mortgage industry today.

Who is Brad Rhodes?

Brad Rhodes is the National Key Account Manager at Pepper Money.

Brad’s military background laid the foundation for his disciplined approach to challenges, a trait that he’s carried into his mortgage career.

His path through retail banking and specialist lending, culminating in his role at Pepper Money, highlights a commitment to excellence and innovation. Brad’s insights are particularly relevant now, as the mortgage market navigates through unpredictable waters.

5 Things Mortgage Brokers Can Learn from Brad Rhodes?

  1. Understand Market Dynamics: Grasp the underlying forces that shape today’s mortgage rates and lending practices. This understanding will allow you to predict and act on what’s to come.
  2. Client Relations: Master the art of client communication, ensuring they’re informed and prepared for market shifts.
  3. Service Diversification: Expand your offerings to include holistic financial planning, from mortgages to protection and insurance.
  4. Lifelong Learning: Stay ahead with continuous professional development, keeping pace with market and regulatory changes.
  5. Network: Forge and maintain strong connections within the industry for mutual growth and opportunities

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