Rising Through the Ranks in Lending with D'mitri Zaprazala

In a world where the financial market’s only constant is change, the insights of industry veterans like D’mitri Zaprzala, CEO of Avamore Capital, are invaluable.

In the latest episode of the NRG Insights podcast, Marcus Nanson sits down with D’mitri to explore his journey from a humble cashier to the head of a leading financial institution.

This conversation isn’t just about tracing the career path of a successful individual, it’s about uncovering the strategic decisions, leadership qualities, and market insights that can help financial professionals navigate through turbulent times.

Whether you’re a lender, a broker, or an aspiring CEO, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and actionable advice.

Who is D’mitri Zaprzala?

D’mitri Zaprzala’s progression in the financial services sector is proof of his strategic foresight and leadership skills. As the CEO of Avamore Capital since October 2021, he has been instrumental in steering the company through its growth phases, leveraging his extensive experience gained from over a decade at Octopus Real Estate, where he served as Head of Residential.

Outside of the office, he balances family life, a passion for Arsenal, and a dedication to personal development, as evidenced by his MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School.

6 Key Takeaways for Lenders from D’mitri Zaprzala:

  1. Embrace Change and Adaptability: Understand from D’mitri’s reflections how adaptability to market changes and a readiness to seize new opportunities can significantly impact your career and business growth.
  2. Pre-emptive Leadership: D’mitri illustrates the importance of exhibiting leadership qualities early in your career. Learn how proactive leadership can influence team dynamics and business outcomes long before you hold a formal leadership title.
  3. Trust as a Leadership Cornerstone: Discover the essential role of trust and authenticity in leadership, crucial for fostering successful team dynamics and navigating business transitions smoothly.
  4. Succession Planning is Key: Uncover the value of strategic succession planning and team loyalty. D’mitri’s insights offer a guide on building a resilient organisation that values mutual respect and shared goals.
  5. Feedback for Navigating Uncertainty: Learn strategies for soliciting genuine feedback and leading through uncertain times. D’mitri emphasises the need for clear communication and a positive outlook to steer your team effectively.
  6. Cultivating a Growth Mindset: Gain insight into D’mitri’s approach to leadership and management within the lending sector. He shares the significance of maintaining a growth-oriented mindset and the continuous pursuit of improvement to navigate the evolving financial landscape successfully.


This episode of NRG Insights is a mentorship session with one of the financial industry’s forward-thinking leaders.

D’mitri Zaprzala not only shares his career highlights and the lessons learned along the way but also offers strategies for those looking to make their mark in the financial world.

Lenders, brokers, and financial agents aiming to navigate the ever-changing tides of the market, should tune in to discover how they can apply these lessons to their own professional journeys.

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