The Work Ethic of a Leader with Emma Ross

How can relentless work ethic shape a successful career?

In this episode of NRG Insights, we dive into the world of commercial finance with Emma Ross, the driving force behind Ross Commercial Finance. From her early days at HSBC to leading her own enterprise, Emma’s journey is a masterclass in how hard hard work and passion can overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

In this chat with Marcus Nanson, she shares the crucial lessons she’s learned along the way and her approach to building a successful business.

Who is Emma Ross?

Emma Ross is Managing Director at Ross Commercial Finance, and her career in finance spans over 17 years, beginning at HSBC and transitioning to a specialised focus on commercial finance, which she passionately pursued for a decade.

Her professional journey is marked by significant achievements, including launching Ross Commercial Finance. Outside her professional life, Emma is a dedicated football mum and an avid concert-goer, celebrating her favourite bands like Biffy Clyro.

Her dedication to the industry was recognised when she won the NACFB Rising Star award in 2022.

5 Things Commercial Brokers Can Learn:

  1. Master the Fundamentals: Emma stresses the value of understanding the basics before jumping into more complex deals, providing a solid foundation that can enhance decision-making and client relationships.
  2. Stay Relevant: Transitioning from residential to commercial finance, Emma highlights how flexibility and willingness to learn new skills are essential for staying relevant and competitive in the finance industry.
  3. Building Relationships is Key: At the heart of Emma’s success is her focus on cultivating strong, lasting relationships with clients and stakeholders, proving that trust and personal connection can drive business growth.
  4. Mentorship Matters: Emma discusses the impact of having mentors and being a mentor, underscoring the benefits of gaining wisdom and passing it on to nurture the next generation of finance professionals.
  5. Maintaining Work Ethic: She advocates for a strong work ethic, not just to propel one’s career but also to inspire and set standards within the team, fostering an environment of commitment and success.

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