Hi, I’m Marcus Nanson, Managing Director at NRG Resourcing. In this edition of our blog, I want to take you beyond the usual discussions about brokerage success. 

Today I want to explore the impact of culture in the brokerage industry, drawing on real-life stories and insights from our latest eBook, “100% Broker Retention: The 7 Secrets Every Brokerage Needs to Know”, so you can learn 1 of the most effective ways to attract and retain the best talent in the mortgage industry.

100% Broker Retention: The 7 Secrets Every Brokerage Needs to Know.” is free and available now, direct to your inbox.

A Broker’s Disillusionment

100% broker retention


Picture this: A broker at the peak of his career secures the biggest mortgage deal of the year for his firm. 

He walks into the office on Monday morning, expecting recognition and perhaps a celebration of his hard work. Instead, he finds himself in a two-hour meeting where every minor flaw in his process is dissected and criticised. 

This isn’t a fictional scenario, it’s a real-life event that led a high-performing broker to seek new opportunities, despite his success.

This real life example isn’t just about a missed opportunity for recognition. It’s a powerful illustration of how the nuances of workplace culture can significantly impact employee morale, retention, and ultimately, the success of a brokerage.

Beyond the Surface: Understanding True Team Culture

When we talk about culture in the brokerage world, it’s easy to fall into clichés like ‘we’re like a big family’ or ‘we’re all mates here.’ But as our eBook delves into, these statements, while well-intentioned, might not reflect the reality for every team member. 

Culture is more than just surface-level camaraderie, it’s about the deeper experiences and feelings of each individual in the team.

Here are a couple of ways to creating a culture of genuine care and respect:

  • Attention and Empathy: It’s crucial to give your team your full attention and make them feel heard. This means recognising the quiet achievers just as much as the outspoken ones and being mindful of how criticism is delivered.
  • Leadership Tone: As a leader, your words and actions set the tone. Your occasional interactions with the team can have a lasting impact, so it’s vital to bring positivity and encouragement into every encounter.

Mentorship: Creating a Sustainable Culture

Our eBook emphasises that mentorship, when executed thoughtfully, plays a pivotal role in building a strong team. It’s not about pairing names randomly; it’s about creating meaningful, well-matched mentor-mentee relationships. 

These relationships should be nurtured with incentives and rewards, making mentorship a valued aspect of your brokerage’s culture

The example of the broker who left after receiving criticism instead of praise highlights a critical aspect of culture: recognition

Celebrating individual and team achievements is essential. It’s not just about acknowledging success; it’s about creating an environment where people feel their contributions are genuinely valued. This positive reinforcement goes a long way in building a culture that people want to be a part of.

Embracing Culture as a Strategic Advantage

In our eBook, we explore these themes in greater depth, offering insights and strategies to help you build a brokerage culture that not only attracts top talent but retains it. 

We believe that understanding and nurturing the right culture is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a strategic imperative for any brokerage aiming for long-term success.

And this is JUST 1, of the 7 SECRETS included in our ebook.

It’s free and available now, direct to your inbox, via this link: “100% Broker Retention: The 7 Secrets Every Brokerage Needs to Know.” 

This is not just a guide; it’s a roadmap to transforming your brokerage into a market leader. 

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